We are incredibly proud of the carers on the Home Care Direct platform continuing to work with their regular clients and going above and beyond the call of duty in so many small, but important ways.

We have many carers now working in nursing homes around the country. They are showing tremendous courage and dedication taking on this work, which for many of them is new.

They are showing their capabilities in learning new skills and working within new teams. The training they have received and the heartfelt appreciation from the nursing homes has been fantastic.

We also have many carers who have taken on live-in work with older clients who need to cocoon. The empathy and selflessness they are showing is amazing to see.

We have always known at Home Care Direct, that great carers are capable of so much more than they are given credit for or indeed allowed to do. We have always put carers at the centre of everything we do and ensured they are valued for the incredibly important work they have always done, not just during this crisis.

Let’s hope that after all this passes, and it will pass, that we translate the clapping and platitudes, for real practical ways of showing carers our appreciation. Higher wages, guaranteed hours and payment for travel time would be a start.